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The FYG Token

As there are occasional questions about the FYG Token, here are some details:

The exchange ratio of the FYG token is 1000 for 1 Ether. A maximum of 167,000,000 FYG tokens will be offered for exchange.
Associated with the FYG Token is a bonus program: The proceeds from the token sale will be used to buy insurance portfolios from German brokers. 30% of the resulting commission income will be issued as a monthly pro rata bonus to the Token Holder.
Before the actual Token Sale we are running a pre-sale round which started 24.12.2017. Participants in this pre-sale receive a bonus allocation of 280 FYG tokens per 1 ether for their advanced trust. A maximum of 2 000 000 tokens will be issued in the pre-sale.
The pre-sale will be followed by 4 sales rounds with different bonuses.

More details about the token can be found in the Token Offer: